This system allows users to check the tax assessment and parking compound. Tax assessment or tax assessment is imposed on all holdings or property in the area MPAG. While the compound is parking fines imposed for offenses related to parking in the area MPAG.

This system allows the user to provide the rental application, review and notification. Application is made online. List of empty property that is displayed and easily selected. Meanwhile, the review of applications for online.Pemakluman directly via SMS.

Integrated Public Complaints System is a system that provides service to report complaints in Alor Gajah Municipal Council.

  • OSC Online (OSC Online is using the 'Single Sign On')
    This system, received via KPKT, is among one of the six (6) selected Local Authority pioneers to use this system in phase one. It will be used for online application for planning and development. Please click HERE for more details on OSC Online. 
  • e-Ads

Advertising on-line application is easy for users to find and book ads on the site of Alor Gajah, Masjid Tanah and Sebang Island where users have the option A or option B.

  • e- Feedback
    This system enables users to submit suggestions, complaints, opinions, supports, appreciations, enquiry and others related services provided by MPAG. The user can check the response from MPAG through this system.
  • e- Rating
    This system, received via MAMPU, is to provide feedback of the service at counter. It is displayed on the MPAG website as a purpose for demonstration to any agencies interested in applying this system.
  • e- Aduan  (e-Complaint) ('e-Aduan is using the 'Single Sign On'')
    This system is developed by the Malacca State government for the monitoring of public complaints for each agency.
  • Price Watch (KPDNKK)
    Price Watch shows the current price information from the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperative and Consumerism (MDTCC).  This information enables the users to value prices of fresh goods, hot items and controlled goods.