Do you suspect or are aware of any misconduct or corruption in the ALOR GAJAH MUNICIPAL COUNCIL? If so, please inform us about it.

Borang Salah Laku

We promise :

  • You will be covered and your identity will be kept confidential.
  • We will take immediate action to investigate your report.
  • You will be protected through the Whistleblower Act 2010 and the Witness Protection Act 2009.

Whistleblower Policy

We encourage our employees, our customers and the crowd to report any behaviour that may be unlawful, unethical or otherwise misconstrued.

Whistleblower policy exists to ensure that the every whistleblower be protected and should not be subject to responseand and to ensure that their concerns are investigated appropriately.

The whistleblower is protected from being dismissed or punished to the Alor Gajah Municipal Council, and we will consider the reduction of penalties if  the whistleblower itself is involved in the activity he reported.

We will review our policies every two years to evaluate its effectiveness.


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