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Information Technology

Director of the information technology



This department is responsible for ICT Development Strategic Planning, managing procurement and paymentd, conducting computerization work process analysis, planning the development and enhancement of the council’s ICT system, and managing hardware maintenance. This department also manages MPAG’s Website and application systems as well as planning and providing new training related to ICT. The Information Technology Department is divided into two sections:

Application System Division
1. Manage and supervise the Council’s operation systems
2. Supervise and create data backup processes for all main systems.
3. Coordinate the usage of the council’s ICT system.
4. Manage and supervise the agency’s collection data.
5. Data management for new system development.
6. Supervise the ICT Quality Programme for application system’s maintenance and data backup.
7. Secretariat of the ICT Operating Committee.
8. Preparation of ICT security policy and disaster recovery.
9. ICT software procurement management.
10. Management of ICT asset disposal.
Network Division
1. Management of LAN and WAN networks (intranet, internet, and metro-e).
2. Manage and supervise the council’s firewall security control system.
3. Manage and update antivirus.
4. Manage and maintain computer hardware and software.
5. Manage and supervise the CCTV system.
6. Manage, design, and maintain the council’s website.
7. Manage the procurement of ICT hardware.
8. Manage the borrowing of ICT equipment.
9. Secretariat of the Website Operating Committee Meeting.
10. Manage and supervise email system.
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