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Kota Bukit Supai (Fort Supai), Kuala Linggi

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Historic Background:

This fort is located at a high cliff area on the right side of Sungai Linggi inlet, near the Straits of Melaka. It is called Fort Kuala Linggi due to its location at the Sungai Linggi inlet. It is also known as Fort Supai because upon completion, the Dutch stationed a troop of mercenaries called sipoi (Supai). Other than these names, this fort is also known as ‘Kota Meriam Patah’ (Broken Canon Fort) as several dismantled and broken canons were found after the fort was no longer in use. Another name for this place is Philipina Fort, named after the daughter of the Governor General of the Dutch East India Company, Jacob Mosel.

The troop of soldiers stationed at this fort was to monitor movements along the Straits of Melaka and as a Dutch stronghold to fend off enemy attacks. This fort also operated to collect taxes on tin ore brought out of the interior parts of Rembau and Linggi. After the Dutch relinquished Melaka to the British, this fort was abandoned and many of its structures were left to ruins.

-Source: Department of Museums Malaysia


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Fort Supai
Jalan Kampung Teluk Perun, Kampung Kuala Linggi, Kuala Sungai Baru, Melaka

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