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Cape Rachado Birds Sanctuary Tanjung Tuan

Majlis Perbandaran Alor Gajah

Birds Sanctuary Tanjung Tuan or better known as Cape Rachado is near the Tanjung Tuan Light House. It is a popular location for people to watch various species of birds.

Visitors could also enjoy hiking up the green and rock-solid hills or choose to climb up the staircases to Tanjung Tuan. Here, visitors often enjoy the beautiful panorama and the diversity of flora and fauna.

Cape Rachado is the name of a small cape with two hilltops, that is part of Melaka but has no land route connecting it to Melaka and entry is via the bordering area of Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan.


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Telok Gong Beach and Konet Island 201, Jalan Telok Gong / Pengkalan Balak, 78300, Jalan Telok Gong / Pengkalan Balak, 78300 Masjid Tanah, Melaka

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