Engineering Department

Director of the Engineering Department

PORTAL RASMI Majlis Perbandaran Alor Gajah



The Engineering Department is nested to coordinate maintenance works, implement infrastructure development and public facilities projects within MPAG’s administration area. This department also supervises the electrical works and systems for MPAG’s development projects.


Development Division

  1. Manage the application for Federal Allocation for Development Projects.
  2. Designing public works and structure of development projects.
  3. Preparation of drawings and specifications of development projects.
  4. Management of development project implementation.
  5. Management of the application for approval of earthwork and drainage plan.
  6. Management of the application for public lights plan approval.
  7. CCC production support management.
  8. Monitor earthworks.
  9. Management of road dredging application.
  10. General administration of the department.
  11. Department’s quality management.

Maintenance Division

  1. Building maintenance.
  2. Maintenance of public facilities and infrastructures.
  3. Maintenance of public lights.
  4. Maintenance of electrical and mechanical equipment.
  5. Management of streetlights application.
  6. General administration of the division.

Infrastructure Plan Division

  1. Deliberate and process applications for approval of earthworks, roads and drainage plans.
  2. Process public lighting plan application.
  3. Process CFO and CCC applications.
  4. Process the applications for refunds of infrastructure deposits, drainage deposits and dredging deposits.
  5. Deliberate and process the application for approval of excavation works.
  6. Deliberate and process the application for approval of a single-unit house plan.
  7. General administration of the division. 

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