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Legal Unit

Head of the Legal Unit



This unit is responsible to provide legal advice, draft and amend By-Laws, review all legal documents and agreements and enforcing the law in the MPAG administration area. This unit also conducts prosecution actions for offenses under the laws applicable by MPAG.

  1. Enact and repeal By-Laws, Rules Orders and Rules.
  2. Provide legal advisory to the Council.
  3. Prepare and review Council’s agreement documents.
  4. Management of complaints, charges and summons.
  5. Management of complaints, summons from other Local Authorities.
  6. Management of Council’s civil and arbitration cases.
  7. Management of prosecution cases and reports.
  8. Management of claims cases from external parties against MPAG.
  9. Manage the appointment  of the panel of lawyers.
  10. Manage claims for Letter of Demand.
  11. Company search management.
  12. Management and bankruptcy  cases.
  13. General administration of the department.
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