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Director of the Building Department

PORTAL RASMI Majlis Perbandaran Alor Gajah


The Building Department is entrusted in supervising building constructions from the process of obtaining the building plan approval until the issuance of the Certificate of Completion and Compliance (CCC) by the project consultants. This department is also responsible in monitoring the construction of unauthorized structures, approve Temporary Building permits and prepare building design plans for projects implemented by MPAG.

Building Supervision Division

  1. Manage the issuance of Temporary Building permits.
  2. Supervision of old buildings.
  3. Management of periodic building inspections.
  4. Compliance between building purpose and use.
  5. Conservation of heritage buildings.
  6. Controlling buildings without approval.
  7. Dealing with public complaints.
  8. Enforcing occupancy of buildings without permission.
  9. Monitor the compliance of buildings with disabled facilities.
  10. Preparation of building plan (drawings) for small scale public/ private facilities.
  11. Renewal programmes and monitoring of poultry coop/chalets/ homestays, and swine farm monitoring.
  12. Monitoring of building security and safety level.
  13. Department’s quality management.
  14. General administration of the department.

Consultation Services Division

  1. Management of development plan application.
  2. Managing the issuance of CFO/CCC and Form F.
  3. Monitoring the implementation of facilities for the disabled in public buildings.
  4. Construction site cleanliness management.
  5. Monitor green practices in buildings (SPAH).
  6. Construction site supervision.
  7. Revival of abandoned development projects.
  8. Management and supervision of departmental expenditure.
  9. Issue a building penalty claim.
  10. Management of building construction deposit withdrawal.
  11. Management of plan information in MAPINFO & BUILDIS.
  12. General administration of the division.
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