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The Urban Planning Department is in charge for the planning in the administration area that is achieved by controlling the use and development of lands and buildings while promoting physical and socio-economic development. The planning is carefully performed by abiding to the provisions enforced by the Law, as well as planning rules and guidelines.

Development Planning Division

  1. Management of planning and development information and reports.
  2. Preparation of planning and development plans.
  3. Management and preparation of structural planning, local planning, special area planning.
  4. Management of land acquisition and land application.
  5. Management of privatisation projects.
  6. Management of programmes involving MPAG and external agencies.
  7. Management of open space application.
  8. Department’s quality management.
  9. General administration of the Department.

Development Control and GIS Division

  1. Preparation of planning reviews: (layout, change of terms/conditions, boundary subdivision, surrender and repossession).
  2. Management of planning permission development approval.
  3. Management of housing/residential area and street names application.
  4. Management of development case (OSC, JKBB and Appeal Board).
  5. Geographic Information System (GIS) Management.

Green Technology Division

  1. Prepare the planning for green technology activities and programs.
  2. Management of information and implementation of green technology at the state level.
  3. Provide advisory services on green technology.
  4. Secretariat of the Green Technology Committee and Melaka World Solar Valley Meeting.
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