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Director of Management Services Department

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This department oversees the management of human resources, human capital development, and integration and performance management of MPAG. It is also responsible in planning, managing and coordinating matters related to the procurement of supplies or services and assets. The Management Services department also manages the Quality programme through guidance and coordination or quality activities involving innovative and creative processes and approaches

Administration Division

  1. Management of letters and memos.
  2. Management of invitation for official event/programme organised by MPAG or external organisations.
  3. Registration of supplier/contractor.
  4. Preparation of Supplier Performance Evaluation Report.
  5. Management of delegation/devolution.
  6. Coordination of MPK and MPAG’s myPortfolio.
  7. Management of uniform supply and birthday souvenirs for staff.
  8. Management of rental of photocopiers, water filters, telephone bills and Astro.
  9. Management of JKP payment.
  10. Coordinate the morning assembly of MPAG and State Government.
  11. Secretariat for Management Meeting, Morning Meeting, MBJ Meeting and JIMAT Meeting.
  12. Management of organisation/department’s files and filing system.
  13. Secretariat for the disposal of MPAG’s files and records.
  14. Preparation of circular working papers/service letters.
  15. Management of delivery/submission of letters/documents/notices.
  16. Coordination of secretarial duties of the Office of the Yang Dipertua and the Secretary.
  17. General administration of the division.

Human Resource Division

  1. Human resource needs management.
  2. Management of personnel, appointment, confirmation of service and retirement.
  3. Internal and external (training) course management.
  4. Management of staff welfare.
  5. Management of staff Counselling.
  6. Management of emoluments/salary movement/remuneration of staff.
  7. Management of service examination and PTK.
  8. Management of LNPT and Outstanding Service Award.
  9. Management of Leave and Attendance Records.
  10. Management of Property Declaration Application.
  11. HRMIS System management.
  12. Practical/Industrial Training management.
  13. Secretariat of the Job Interview Panel.
  14. Secretariat of the Human Resource Development Panel Meeting.
  15. Secretariat of the Council’s Personnel and Services Committee Meeting.
  16. Secretariat of the Training and Curriculum Committee Meeting.
  17. General administration of the division.

Asset Management Division

  1. Management, receipt, registration and movement of capital assets.
  2. Management of receipt, registration and inventory movement.
  3. Management of receipt, registration and removal of office supplies.
  4. Management of MPAG’s store.
  5. Management of MPAG’s vehicle and personnel insurance.
  6. Inspection, verification and disposal of capital assets, inventory and office supplies.
  7. Management of department drivers and vehicles (schedule, logbook and fuel expenditure).
  8. Vehicle maintenance.
  9. Manage the acquisition of fixed assets (movable assets).
  10. Secretariat of the Asset Management Committee Meeting.
  11. Secretariat of the Government Asset Disposal Committee Meeting.
  12. General administration of the division.

Integrity and Innovation Division

  1. Ensuring organisational governance is implemented.
  2. Ensure the cultivation, institutionalisation and implementation of integrity in the organisation.
  3. Detection and verification of complaints regarding criminal misconduct, violation of the organisational code of conduct and ethics.
  4. Management of complaints.
  5. Compliance to regulations and laws.
  6. Disciplinary management.
  7. Management of Anti -Corruption Committee report.
  8. Secretariat of the Disciplinary Committee Meeting.
  9. Secretariat of the Disciplinary Appeal Committee Meeting.
  10. Quality Management MS ISO 9001.
  11. Management of EKSA practice.
  12. Management of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Client Charter review.
  13. Management of KIK Programme and Innovation Competition.
  14. Management of application for state and national level Quality Awards.
  15. MPAG Strategic Planning Management.
  16. Management of Local Authority Star Rating System (SPB-PBT).
  17. Management of BPR process.
  18. Secretariat of Management Review Meeting (MKSP).
  19. Management of filing system.
  20. General administration of the division.

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