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Alor Gajah

Municipal Council


Director of the Licensing Department

PORTAL RASMI Majlis Perbandaran Alor Gajah


License / Entertainment Permit Application Division

  1. Management of risk and no-risk business license application.
  2. Management of business license renewal application.
  3. Secretariat of the Licensing Committee meetings.
  4. Prepare the working paper of Risk License application for MPAG Licensing Committee Meeting.
  5. Responsible for licensing information.
  6. Management of business license revocation application.
  7. Department’s quality management.
  8. General administration of the department.

Division for License Regulation / ‘White-out’ & Grading of Food Premises / Heritage Charges

  1. Management of business premises grading.
  2. Monitoring of business and food premises.
  3. Monitoring of hawkers, Night Market (Pasar Malam), Farmer’s Market (Pasar Tani), and Pasar Ramadhan.
  4. Business license ‘white-out’.
  5. Management of complaints.
  6. Management of meetings with businesses/organisers/business community.
  7. Management of Heritage Charges collection.

Division for Advertising / Halal Certification / General Administration / Payments / New Revenue Unit

  1. Manage the issuance of advertising, signs/signages, banners and bunting licenses.
  2. Management of advertisements, signs/signages, banners and bunting which contents applies the correct spelling and language that obtained approval from DBP.
  3. Monitor all advertisements; advertisements that obtained approval and licenses.
  4. Ensure that all approved advertisements are posted in approved locations and advertisements are removed upon expiration of the permit.
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