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This department is responsible for managing financial resources to ensure that MPAG can maximise its revenue and manages expenditure optimally in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Act 1976 and financial regulations in effect. The finance department also has the role of establishing systematic and efficient internal controls and ensuring that financial records are properly and efficiently maintained.

General Finance Division

  1. Management of allocations.
  2. Management of payments.
  3. Management of cheque issuance.
  4. Emolument Management.
  5. Management of local order /indenture.
  6. Management of retail money order.
  7. Management of self-advance.
  8. Management of Federal Allocations.
  9. Management of Centralized Bill Register System.
  10. General administration of the division.

Accounting Division

  1. Preparation of annual budget.
  2. Cash flow management.
  3. Management of the voucher journal.
  4. Management of cancelled cheques.
  5. Loan fund management.
  6. External loan management.
  7. Preparation of monthly report.
  8. Preparation of bank adjustment.
  9. Preparation of annual financial statements.
  10. Adjustment based on audit remarks.
  11. Secretariat of the Finance Committee.
  12. Secretariat of the Financial Management and Accounts Committee.
  13. General administration of the department.
  14. Department’s quality management.

Revenue Division

  1. Management of collections.
  2. Management of Integrated Counter.
  3. Management of local bills; M2U, BSN and EFT.
  4. Deposit management.
  5. Investment management.
  6. Parking management.
  7. Branch office management.
  8. General administration of the division.
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