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The Valuation and Property Management Department is responsible for establishing a fair, quality and uniform property valuation system for ratings and rents to sustain and add to MPAG’s yearly revenue. The public is given awareness on property valuation work as provided by Act 171. In addition, this department also gives awareness to property owners about the importance of value in property ownership. This department also manages and supervises all MPAG owned properties as well as the rental, disposal and sale of all MPAG owned retail spaces.


Valuation Division

  1. Management of property/holdings file.
  2. Management of property valuation.
  3. Management of rate determination.
  4. Management of re-valuation.
  5. Management of annual valuation.
  6. Management of rate assistance contribution claim.
  7. Management of assessment tax bill.
  8. Management of assessment tax instalments.
  9. Proportional holdings building plan management.
  10. Proportional building digital plan management.
  11. Building geocoding plan management.
  12. Management of current Assessment Tax collection report, arrears and penalties.
  13. Management of searches and caveats.
  14. Tax payment negotiations.
  15. Secretariat of the Protest Meeting.
  16. Department’s quality management.
  17. General administration of the Department.

Property Management Division

  1. Management of properties belonging to MPAG.
  2. Management of Land Tax payments.
  3. Management of files and documents related to MPAG’s properties.
  4. MPAG’s property valuation/leasing management.
  5. Management of rent and payment claims.
  6. Management of sale and purchase of properties by MPAG for rental and leasing.
  7. Management of privatized assets.
  8. Management of land sale for development.
  9. Management of complaints.
  10. Secretariat for stall interviews.

Building Commissioner Branch

  1. Management of strata
  2. Management of strata buildings maintenance through consultation.
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