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Director of the Enforcement Department N44

Pn Radzyma 1



The Enforcement Department is entrusted in carrying out enforcement duties in a transparent, precise and strict manner. The enforcement activities in this administrative area are guided by Act 171, Act 172, Act 133, Enactments, Rules and By-Laws enforced by MPAG.

Administration Division

  1. Management of department’s budget and finances.
  2. Management of HRMIS System.
  3. Management of public complaints.
  4. Management of natural disasters.
  5. Management of reminder, warning, and notification notices.
  6. Usage of the department’s storehouse.
  7. Management of departmental assistance activities / internal and external units.
  8. Management of compound reduction and cancellation.
  9. Management of compound arrears collection.
  10. Management of departmental (training) courses.
  11. Monitoring and regulation of enforcement personnel.
  12. Management of departmental security and safety.
  13. Patrolling and control management.
  14. Management of security escorts.
  15. MPAG Office security management.
  16. Management of security guards/personnel.
  17. Control of public owned vehicles upon transaction with MPAG.
  18. Management of Fire Prevention Squad.
  19. Management of departmental vehicles.
  20. Management of department’s assets.
  21. Departmental vehicles and assets documentation management.
  22. Management of vehicle maintenance and fuel expenditure.
  23. Department’s quality management.
  24. General administration of the department.

Operations Division

  1. Enforcement of Act 171, 172, Enactments and MPAG By-Laws.
  2. Management of ‘white-out’ operations.
  3. Management of numerous internal and external operations.
  4. Enforcement and monitoring of entertainment centres/outlets.
  5. Management of operations related to social problems in collaboration with JAIM, PDRM and JKM.
  6. Parking compound management.
  7. Management of JPJ Link verification.
  8. Parking unit management.
  9. Traffic control management.
  10. Parking control management.
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