Thu, 11 August 2022


Alor Gajah Municipal Council



Local Government Act 1976

This Act comprehensively outlines the establishment, organizational structure, roles and responsibilities of the local government. It also outlines the local government’s responsibilities in matters pertaining to urban and rural planning.

Roads, Drains and Buildings Act 1974

This Act establishes the roles of local government in relation to maintenance of drainage, public roads and public buildings. Other than the three Acts mentioned, other laws and by-laws have been enacted and enforced to help facilitate the operations of the local government.

Town and Rural Planning Act 1976

This Act was legislated to overcome the shortcomings in planning land utilization in the local area. This Act (Act 172) places the main responsibility as physical planner to the local government.

Notifications under Section 1 (2) of the Town and Village Planning Act 1976

The enforcement of the Act in the State may only be made on a date to be fixed by the relevant State Authority with the concurrence of the Minister. Minister here refers to the Cabinet Minister who is responsible for affairs related to urban and rural planning.

Notifications under Subsection 4 (2) of the Local Government Act

This is an Act on the change of name and status, and adjustment of boundaries.

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